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Šarkouščyna is a town, an administrative center of Šarkouščyna region, situated on the river of Dzisna 157km West of Viciebsk. The town is known since 1503 as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was privately owned as an estate by Zyanovich nobility family. Later it belonged at different times to families of Sapega, Dambouski, Lapacinski. In 1767 a town (miastechka) of New Šarkouščyna grew near Šarkouščyna estate. It was later absorbed by sprawling town of Šarkouščyna. In 1793 it was conquered and incorporated into Russian Empire. By 1897 Šarkouščyna had a population of 1151, a college, a medical center, a church, a brewery, 16 shops. The town has become part of Poland in 1921 as a result of Soviet-Polish war and Riga Treaty. In 1939 Šarkouščyna was returned to Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic as a result of Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. In 1940 it has became regional center in Vilejka voblasc', in 1962-66 it belonged administratively to Miery region. In 1966 Šarkouščyna administrative region was created with center in Šarkouščyna. 




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