Mahiliou, Mogilev

The emblem of Mahiliou

Mahiliou is the centre of Mahiliou region, 201 km East of Miensk (Minsk), situated at the Dniepr river. It is the junction of several railway lines (to Orsa, Asipovicy, Zlobin, Krycau) and highway lines (to Miensk, Homiel', Vieciebsk, Babrujsk, and other cities). Mahiliou has a port and an airport.
Population:368,200 (1995) - third largest city in Belarus after Miensk and Homiel'.

The Mikalaj Church

The Mikalaj Orthodox Church dating from the 17 century.

Two orthodox Churchies... Mahiliou

The Drama theatre

The building of the bank of Mahiliou


Mahilyow Region - an official site of Mahilyow regional government. Excellent site designed by Alex Aleinikov! Includes info on cities in Mahilyow region.

Mahilyow Obl. Telecom - the site of an official telecommunications proider in Mahilyow.

History of Mahilyoiw page by Basil P and Yury T.



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