The emblem of Lida

Lida is the centre of the Lida district, Hrodna region, 112 km East of Hrodna. It is the junction of several railway and highways lines (to Maladziecna, Baranavicy, Masty, Hrodna and Vilnius (Vilnia) in Lithuania).
Population:100,700 (1995)

The Lida Castle

Lida Castle, dating from the 14 century.

The Piaran Roman Catholic Church

A Roman Catholic Church


Pawet: Lida and Lida District History - undoubtedly best Lida site by Leon Lauresh. You can also buy his book full of old Lida pictures here.
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Lida District site at Shtetlinks - a Jewish Gen project. Lots of info on Jewish history of Lida and surrounding area.
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The last Belarusian nuclear weapons - SS-25 Topol ICBMs - were withdrawn from Lida to Russia in 1996.
"Historic Castle Crumbling" - an article about poor restoration progress of Lida castle from "Belarusian Review".



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