Historical Belarusian Estates, Part 2

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We are working on providing descriptions and history of these Belarusian estates. In time we hope to cover all of them. But in the mean time you can view just photos of these estates in this page.

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Miadzviadkauskaia.jpg (39902 bytes) v. of Miadzviadka

Minsk estates

Minskiia-Van'kovichau.jpg (23694 bytes) Van'kovichy family estate in Minsk

v. of Moladava

Nackaya estate

Obal'skaia.jpg (31597 bytes) t. of Obal'

Opsauskaia estate

Padaroskaia Etsate

Peradzelkauskaia.jpg (35109 bytes) v. of Peradzelkava

Piarkovickaia.jpg (22965 bytes) v. of Piarkovichy

Porazauskaia.jpg (19520 bytes) t. of Porazava

Pruzhanskaia.jpg (12223 bytes) t. of Pruzhany

Pruzhanskaia_2.jpg (31872 bytes) t. of Pruzhany

Rajcauskaia.jpg (31027 bytes) v. of Rajtsa

Rasnauskaia.jpg (26778 bytes) v. of Rasna

Rasonauskaia.jpg (26200 bytes) t. of Rasony

roskaia.jpg (17277 bytes) t. of Ros'

Ruchyckaia.jpg (24495 bytes) v. of Ruchytsa

Skokauskaia.jpg (27117 bytes) v. of Skoki

Slonimskaia-al'biarcin.jpg (19398 bytes)  t. of Slonim

Stanislavouskaia.jpg (24561 bytes) Stanislavouskaia_now.jpg (18488 bytes) Stanislavova (c. of Hrodna)

Stan'kauskaia.jpg (16843 bytes) v. of Stan'kava

Starabelickaia.jpg (14939 bytes) v. of Staraia Belitsa

Starapeskauskaia.jpg (46144 bytes) v. of Staryia Peski

Starynkauskaia.jpg (20963 bytes) v. of Starynki

Stolinskaia-Man'kavichy.jpg (34866 bytes) t. of Stolin

Stralauskaia.jpg (44914 bytes) v. of Strala

Svarotvenskaia.jpg (23974 bytes) v. of Svarotva

Tarnouskaia.jpg (23816 bytes) v. of Tarnova

Trokenickaia.jpg (32491 bytes) v. of Trokeniki

Tuhanavickaia.jpg (29247 bytes) v. of Tuhanavichy (prototype of Saplitsova Estate in "Pan Tadevush" of. A. Mickievich)

Ubel'skaia.jpg (22779 bytes) v. of Ubeli (family estate of Moniusko, where composer S. Maniushka was born)

Vialikamazhejkauskaia.jpg (26477 bytes) v. of Vialikae Mazhejkava

Vidzalauchynskaia.jpg (19487 bytes) v. of Vidzy Lawchynskiia

Vopytnauskaia.jpg (16714 bytes) v. of Vopytnaia

Vysokauskaia.jpg (34844 bytes) v. of Vysokae

Zakozel'skaia.jpg (23846 bytes) v. of Zakozel'

Zapol'skaia.jpg (21496 bytes) v. of Zapolle

Zavoseuskaia.jpg (36517 bytes) v. of Zavosse

Zhamyslauskaia.jpg (18679 bytes) v. of Zhamyslawl'

Abbreviations used: v. - village; t. - town; c. - city.

References used in this file:

"Arhitektura Belarusi. Encyklapedychny davednik" ed.: A.A. Voinau and others, Minsk, Publishing house "Belaruskaia Encyklapedyia" named after Piatrus' Brouka, 1993. ISBN 5-85700-078-5.

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