Southern California BAZA Group

Welcome to So Cal BAZA Group page. We are a group of Southern Californians interested in Belarus. Please see our Mission Statement. So Cal BAZA group is associated with Belarusian-American Association - BAZA. Currently many BAZA divisions and groups exist at the East Coast of USA. Only So Cal BAZA group exist at the West Coast, despite a lot of recent emigrants from Belarus living in Northern California. There are also plans to create BAZA group in Portland, Oregon currently in action.

So Cal BAZA has existed since 1970-ies in Southern California with variable success. It has disappeared in the 90-ies and was restarted on Dec. 14, 2008. Currently we have 14 members. 2009 events included Belarus Freedom Day celebration on March 25, Kupalle celebration on June 21, Belarusian picnic outing in August 2009, group attending of "Belarus Free Theatre" play in Disney Hall on October 3, 2009.

We speak Belarusian and English at the meetings and events. If you are interested in participating in So Cal BAZA group activities and support our Mission Statement - you can join the group by submitting your application on-line to e-mail address below: